Patient Testimonials

Wake Dental Sleep Dental Solutions gladly welcomes patient comments about our practice and our service.

Patient Testimonials
  • Anne Babb
    I cannot contain my excitement and my appreciation for Dr. Jennifer Le. We discussed my frustrations over using the CPAP device for my sleep apnea and I decided to try the mouth appliance since three years of my best effort had become an hour or so of "peaceful" sleep. With this device and Dr. Le's expert suggestion, I am a new woman. Rested and energetic each day! Travel is much easier and I look forward to wearing it every night. I am a new, healthier person. It is comfortable; I sleep with my mouth closed, no more snoring or gasping for breath. Thank you Dr. Le and thanks to your well-trained assistants!
    Anne Babb
  • Wayne A. Morrison
    Wakefield Family Dentistry fitted me with a SomnoDent device, because of a diagnosis of sleep apnea by Raleigh Neurology. My experience with Dr. Le and her staff was extremely positive. Dr. Le and her staff were professional, responsive, and outstanding in every way. Dr. Le spent a considerable amount of her own time explaining the device and answering questions about Wakefield Family Dentistry. As a result, my use of the device has been very successful.
    Wayne A. Morrison
  • Jo-Ann Knitter
    Its been a few weeks now that I have been wearing the sleep appliance from Dr.Le and it has made a huge difference in my sleep pattern. For the past year I have been tossing and turning all night long-interrupted sleep. I even thought the pain from my shoulder was waking me up. Since wearing the sleep appliance , I sleep all night long, waking up in the morning in the same position I was in when I fell asleep. I am so much more rested and not so tired and drained.
    Jo-Ann Knitter
  • Judy
    Prior to wearing an oral appliance at night I developed an anxiety issue that mostly occurred while driving. Having an anxiety issue while driving limited my ability to drive myself almost anywhere. I was put on medication for my anxiety so that I could drive myself to and from work. Through many doctors’ visits to a variety of doctors, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. I was originally provided CPAP and struggled with the use as I felt like I was being suffocated. In addition, I found out that my anxiety was coming from my feeling like I needed to fall asleep at the wheel of my car. After struggling with the use of CPAP for several months, a friend told me about an oral appliance that her husband was using. I looked on the Internet and found Dr. Le. Almost immediately after using my oral appliance I noticed an enormous difference in how I felt. I felt rested and had more energy. The feeling like I was going to fall asleep at the wheel was gone. Within six months of using my oral appliance, I was weaned off of my anxiety medication. Now that I am getting a good night’s sleep, I feel wonderful.
  • Diane Krajewski
    Accepting the medical fact you’ve been diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and understanding all your options is crucial to pursuing proper individualized treatment appropriate for yourself. Being dependent upon a CPAP machine the rest of my life to improve my health felt like a death sentence. After a consultation with Dr. Jennifer Le, my evaluation determined I was a great candidate for this less invasive treatment for sleep apnea. Her practice runs on excellence, professionalism, compassion and was the best financial decision for me. Even through a July car accident TMJ my results have been highly successful, based upon my most recent sleep study in October 2015. This small mouth guard has altered and improved my health. My results have been amazing.
    Diane Krajewski
  • Vickie Aldridge
    I In 2004 my husband and I chose Wakefield Family Dentistry partly because our dental insurance was accepted there. Admittedly, we were a bit apprehensive about changing to a new dentist. My husband was the first one of us to go, and I went along to get familiar with the office. When he walked out, I immediately noticed that his teeth had never looked so clean. Dr. Le came out and spoke to me that day, and I was very impressed by her kindness and eagerly went for my first appointment in a few weeks. Our grown children and their families then opted for going to Dr. Le, too. We are all still going to Wakefield Family Dentistry because of our trust in Dr. Le, as well as her expertise and kindness. We appreciate the excellent care and respect we have always received and are just as pleased with Dr. Le and the staff now as we were eleven years ago. Thank you, Dr. Le and staff, for providing the best possible dental care!
    Vickie Aldridge
  • Michael McMillion
    I tried really hard to use a CPAP machine for two years. First, I dislike the noise produced by my CPAP. It blew too much air, exhaling made a whistling sound, and it kept both my wife and I awake. Second, my CPAP harness was uncomfortable and forced me to sleep on my back, due to the restricted range of movement. Alter finally getting to sleep, l would wake up several times a night just to untangle myself fiom the hose. l discussed an oral appliance with my dentist, Dr. Le, and decided to be fitted ASAP. She supplied the device, and scheduled follow-up appointments for adjustment and fine-tuning to provide optimum performance. l really like that I can move around while] sleep, rather than being tethered to the CPAP machine. Now I feel much more refi-eshed and alert dining the day. It no longer matters in which position I sleep, l don‘t wake up multiple times each night, and I am dreaming again! Dr. Le and her staff were open and honest with me throughout the entire process. She is always very helpfirl, courteous and professional. She truly cares about the welfare of her patients, and her team is always very friendly and professional as well. l would recommend Dr. Le to anyone seeking a dentist, and especially anyone suffering from sleep apnea issues.
    Michael McMillion
  • Joseph Alley
    I would like to thank you for fitting me with the new sleep apnea appliance. I find it far superior to the older model. It allows me to sleep through the night and because I can close my mouth, I am not experiencing dry mouth every morning. I really appreciate your participation in my health care.
    Joseph Alley
  • James Felts
    I want you to know that dealing with your office has been an absolute delight. Your staff is quite competent and very responsive. The dental sleep appliance has improved my quality of life tremendously. Your customer service and dedication to your patients is superb! It's great to find a doctor that cares and does the right thing. You will have my business for a long time to come.
    James Felts
  • Glenn Sefton
    I have been going to Dr. Le for more than 12 years, since I moved to the area. In fact, I recently moved clear across town and I still go to Dr. Le because she and her staff provide extraordinary customer service. The office is immaculate, the staff is warm and friendly, yet still efficient. All are well-trained and highly professional who do their jobs very well. Dr. Le spends more than ample time with her patients to go over procedures. She clearly explains options and costs, and gives honest recommendations based upon the patients needs and financial ability. I highly recommend Dr. Le for people of all ages. She and her staff are Grade A.
    Glenn Sefton
  • Dr. Jamila Battle
    Our family has been going to Dr. Le for dental care over 10 years. She and her staff bring a wealth of knowledge, integrity, and passion for what they do. The space is relaxing and comfortable. Dr. Le and her staff provide excellent dental care but also along the way Dr. Le sprinkles in her advise on how to live your best and feel your best. I am always inspired and motivated to reach my goals when i leave every time. She recently has become board certified in dental sleep medicine and is one of the only offices in the area with accreditation. So if you suffer with sleep problems, she will be more than happy to discuss your treatment options as she did for me.
    Dr. Jamila Battle
  • Sam Cook
    Awesome dental experience. A very knowledgeable, courteous and perfect staff. Every visit has been a great experience and I would truly recommend this dentist and her staff to provide you and your family with the best dental experience.
    Sam Cook
  • Harvey Watson
    Dr Le and her staff go overboard in their efforts to not only serve the needs of their patients, but do so in a relaxed and engaging environment. I live in Charlotte but still visit Dr Le because I have found no one that shows more care and concern. She is simply the best!
    Harvey Watson
  • Subir Mukherjee
    Our whole family of five has been visiting the Wakefield Family Dentistry for close to twelve years now and the visits have covered everything from regular cleanings to root canals to crowns etc. We have always been treated professionally by Dr. Le and her staff and have always received the best dental care and advice as possible.
    Subir Mukherjee
  • Todd Ferrell
    Dr. Le has been my dentist of choice for three years because I've found her and her staff to always be professional and personable. She stays abreast of the latest technological equipment and treatment breakthroughs and they are interested in my long term health. I highly recommend them for your family.
    Todd Ferrell
  • Anthony Monteverde
    Dr. Le and her staff are incredible! I had a fear of dentists for many years and as a result had put off much needed work due to my fear of dentists. I have since got the work needed and I could not be any happier! Thanks for all the great work!
    Anthony Monteverde
  • Dennis Chapman
    Jennifer Le and her staff always provide service with a smile. Even with high levels of anxiety about a procedure that must be done, she is able to provide a calm sense about being there.
    Dennis Chapman