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April 2, 2017
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April 2, 2017
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Michael McMillion

I tried really hard to use a CPAP machine for two years. First, I dislike the noise produced by my CPAP. It blew too much air, exhaling made a whistling sound, and it kept both my wife and I awake. Second, my CPAP harness was uncomfortable and forced me to sleep on my back, due to the restricted range of movement. Alter finally getting to sleep, l would wake up several times a night just to untangle myself fiom the hose.

l discussed an oral appliance with my dentist, Dr. Le, and decided to be fitted ASAP. She supplied the device, and scheduled follow-up appointments for adjustment and fine-tuning to provide optimum performance.

l really like that I can move around while] sleep, rather than being tethered to the CPAP machine. Now I feel much more refi-eshed and alert dining the day. It no longer matters in which position I sleep, l don‘t wake up multiple times each night, and I am dreaming again!

Dr. Le and her staff were open and honest with me throughout the entire process. She is always very helpfirl, courteous and professional. She truly cares about the welfare of her patients, and her team is always very friendly and professional as well.

l would recommend Dr. Le to anyone seeking a dentist, and especially anyone suffering from sleep apnea issues.